Friday, 20 July 2012

Relaxed???? Maybe not...

Well we came back early from St Ives as it was so wet ..and being in a caravan with two girls under 5 was,shall we say challenging?? That's putting it politely. We did have some fun though and managed to get on the beach, even in the rain. I was also given the treat of having a day to myself to wander round St Ives by myself. So I visited all the lovely shops ..including the Poppy Treffry one , I also went to the Tate and all the other great galleries. I must say though I do feel really strange when I dont have my girls with me..really self conscious???. Also we visited a local market whilst we were there where I picked up the two little trinkets I have photographed above. I managed to do lots of drawing too , mainly focusing on the Cornish hedgerows, full of foxgloves and pink campions so hopefully you will see some designs featuring these soon.


  1. Super finds! What a shame about the weather. It's just been so rubbish for everyone. It sounds like you did some lovely things though and I'm looking forward to seeing your drawings. x

    1. Just checked out your lovely seems we have similar that minty green too..its gorgeous isnt it. x