Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Latest Project ...

So I have been really distracted since our holiday, mainly by a 2 and 4 year old....they really are not leaving me with any energy to be creative at all. But of course come September I shall be upset and missing my 4 year old so much, so I should not really complain. It just means I am not getting alot of time at the moment.

I have managed to bring  this lovely little chair back to life in my bedroom though. Someone had three of them left outside their house for free!! We really have no room in our house for more chairs but couldn't resist them. Maybe when my husband makes me my garden studio (dream on) I can put a couple out there.

Right now my two girls have gone off for an adventure with their Nanny & Poppy so hopefully I can get some design work done this afternoon. ..Toodle Doo.....


  1. That chair is an amazing find! Why do I never find anything like this? Gorgeous cushion too. x

  2. Thanks Jen, we found 3 of the chairs they were just mid brown , so we painted them white then roughed them up a bit. I made the cushion last night ...its strange what you come across on your way to the local school summer fayre??