Friday, 8 March 2013

Rainy Days Ahead

Well I was hopeful at the beginning of this week that Spring days were finally here , but it looks like I am mistaken. We have some cold,  rainy days ahead , with even a chance of snow on Monday apparently..depressing eh??

I have had very little chance to get creative this week as I feel I have been at the my little girls school as much as I have been home, with parents evening, assembly and a book sharing day today. But we are decorating our kitchen , which is kind of creative isn't it?? We are finding covering bright turquoise with white a little hard? What were we thinking? Where ever I look I can see the bright turquoise peeking back thru the white. Also I am thinking is it going to look like a psychiatric hospital when finished ?? That's kind of appropriate on some days. I'm sure it will look lovely though, especially when the walls are splattered with pasta sauce and chocolaty finger prints!!

Have a great weekend everyone, Happy Mothers Day to all you lovely Mummies out there. x

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