Monday 17 June 2013

Dungaree Love

Well since my last post the dungaree shorts have been purchased, and don't look too bad, if I do say it myself. Obviously I haven't got the boyish figure that seems to suit all that I like fashion wise these days. And my husband informs me that I would have to 'lose a hell of alot of weight' to achieve that ( thanks, I'm only a size 10 for god sake!) But hey I think they look not too bad at all, and they are very comfy which is a bonus when you spend most of your time on your knees with the kids, diving up the school at 100 mph and a few tranquil moments drawing and sewing.

Fathers Day was a good one in our house, starting the day with waffles, blueberries, Greek yogurt and honey. Then off to the cinema to see the kids film Epic, which was brilliant. We all loved it and it nearly brought a tear to my eye at the end. What a softie eh ?

Design wise this week I am trying to get a few characters into my work, so I am working on faces and my drawing style a bit. I've been studying these Blythe dolls below that have amazing faces and hair, along with fab style. Lets see what I come up with. Have a good week.

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