Friday, 7 June 2013

My Little Piece of Heaven Is Finished........

Take a little peak inside my new favourite place to be, I cant believe how lucky I am that my gorgeous husband has built this amazing studio down the end of our garden for me!!Its just so perfect, I have one side set up for my sewing projects and the other for my print design, drawing and painting. It's light and airy , but also really cosy too. I cant wait to have a day in there when its raining and I can work to the sound of the pitter patter on the roof. At the moment my soundtrack in there is mainly The Lumineers, Ellie Golding and Absolute 90's, the radio station that plays all 90's music. This takes me back to my art school days, that's for sure. 
My first project in my lovely studio has been a 50's style dress which I will post a picture of in my next post. And do you know what, its actually going to be for me instead of my two girls...just for a change!!

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  1. Oh my actual God Claire, that is EPIC! What a fab place to work.