Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Hello, I'm Back !!

Sorry I've been a bit absent lately , I've been playing around with some other ideas and busy on my sewing machine the last few months. But now I'm back on my design work and have been doodling like crazy in my sketch book to get my ideas flowing.

I'm entering the competition to win a place on the Print & Pattern/ABSPD Design Scholarship. I really feel this would be the ideal way to kick start my career and push me in the right direction with my design work. Its hard when your a stay at home Mum to get inspired, I do feel isolated at times, even though I have managed to seek out a few like minded arty Mums on the school run. Come September I will have five days a week to myself when my youngest starts school and I really want a career doing what I love. It will also be great to have some financial input again and feel like I am more than just a Mum , as much as I love being one! 
Wish me luck !!

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