Friday, 19 September 2014

Productive day of mainly.......thinking ????

Well its been a funny couple of weeks, my little girl is no longer my gorgeous little sidekick and has gone off to school, finally going full time at the end of this week. I am full of mixed emotions and actually feel my moods are changing by the hour..earlier I just wanted to run up the school and bring her back for cuddles. But now as the title of this blog says  I have been busy thinking and absorbing lots of fab information of how to get these designs of mine out into the big wide world. I've mainly been engrossed in Ali Benyon's last few posts ( on how to be a freelance designer. How amazing that these lovely ladies are happy to give away their tips and such valuable advice. It warms your cockles that people are still willing to help each other. Its also given me that extra push I need to start approaching more people and encourage them to love my work beware out there!!

My collection I am currently working on is called Floral Confetti, I've posted a pic of my current mood board and the colours. As you can see I'm a bit old skool with the mood board process and still like to have it all printed out and in front of me. Unfortunately my printer was on its last bit of ink..but I loved the result of the bleached out pastel hues so decided to use that as my inspiration too. Along with my sketches done during our holiday in France this summer. 

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