Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Shake It Off..January Blues!!

Well I am sure some of you thought I had dropped off the planet last year with my lack of posts, but lots of exciting stuff started happening and there just wasn't the time. I am now being represented by the fabulous Cinnamon Joe Its a fab opportunity and I am going to be working super hard this year trying to create lots of fresh work for them. They have taken my work off to Printsource, New York now so fingers crossed people like my work. I am so excited that my work is in New York..even if I still haven't made it there myself yet.

All that said I am finding things a little tough this week...its so hard to get back into the old routine, my little girls are finding it hard to get up so early for school, as am I!! And these dark, miserable mornings really do go on forever don't they. I am hoping creating lots of bright summery florals will bring me out of my wintery rut. I have created a couple of mood boards to surround me with inspirational images and colours, I have also been busy drawing some lovely flowers all inspired by 70's wallpaper, which is a bit of a passion of mine. Right I'd better get on with it...

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