Friday 23 October 2015

Autumn Days

Hello everyone, sorry I have been a bit vacant from my blog this month, I have been a bit busy preparing some little projects before the kids finish for half term. Next month as I put in my previous post I am running a small sewing workshop so I have been prepping for that. Also I am having a pop up shop at home next month as a way of getting my work seen a bit more , I'm offering cake and coffee to entice people in. Preparing for that has been great fun, I have been working hard on my Christmas designs , even creating some hanging decorations and wrapping paper using my design work so hopefully it will appeal to people and get them festive. I will post pictures of that next time as it still feels a little early to me to be posting too much Christmas stuff, even though it is everywhere in the shops already!

Also I have been producing some packs of blank cards to go into the local shops here that stock my cards. I am rather pleased how they have turned out..they're cute little fellas. 

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