Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Sewing For Christmas and Various Nightmares!!

Sorry, my poor blog has been slightly neglected lately as I have been busy doing some sewing projects ready for Christmas gifts. Mum has asked for a cushion, also her and Dad have both requested undies bags for when they go off on their travels. So I now have 3 little projects left to make including a couple of jewellery rolls.

It also seems the time of year for illnesses to kick in . My poor sister has been suffering with some strange flu , so I have been looking after my little niece, then my eldest ended up going to A&E early hours of Saturday morning with a gastro/viral type sickness. Luckily she is fine now. Whats going to hit us next??

Saturday after only a few hours sleep I attended a silver bangle making course my sister was teaching at  her Trinkets By Moonlight workshop. She was amazing , but its such a shame I wasn't. It seems I am not really very good at using a blow torch and melted my silver bangle so it turned out a right old mess. I feel my creative skills do not stretch to jewellery making , I will leave it to the expert.

After lots of hassle I now have the full Adobe Creative Suite..yippee!!! it was turning into a bit of a saga..but I now have it fully installed , just need more hours in the day to give me time to learn it all.

I have been listening to this great song too in amongst all the chaos..

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