Monday, 10 December 2012

Back on it!!!..

Sorry the lack of posts lately , been really distracted by Christmas preparations, there really isn't enough time these days.I seem to get these mental blocks where I cannot focus on anything creative until all the boring stuff is out the way. They say tidy house , tidy mind, but by the time I have done all the tidying stuff the day is gone and I'm too shattered to be creative. I guess my time will come when both my girls are at school , but I am not wishing that time to come around too soon.

So today while the little ones have their naps(one of mine and a gorgeous niece I have acquired for a few hours) I have had a lovely time creating a new mood board and doing some lovely mark marking. I did  bit of scavenging round the house and garden to create some nice textures to use in this collection.

I have decided I was trying to run before I could walk with trying to teach myself surface design using Illustrator, so I have gone back to basics. I always did mood boards and lots of sketching before design work when I studied for my textile degree back in the day so that's what I am doing at the moment. My dining table is full of lovely textures, colours and gorgeous pictures to inspire this range of prints. Now I need to get sketching and nail down my colour palette.

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