Friday, 1 February 2013

Taking a peak back into the 70's.

So this week has been quite productive..I've finally completed a design I have been working on for some time, but I'm not ready to show it until I have done a couple of coordinates to go with it. I have also attended a knitting class, which was great! I was taught many years ago by my Nan so this week it all came back when I was shown the basics again. So I am in the process of knitting a scarf for my little girl. Its quite addictive actually and I am itching to knit a nice chunky scarf for myself. No doubt it will be Summer by the time I get round to it though. 
I made a great discovery this week while looking thru some of my Mum and Dads wedding photos ..these amazing wedding telegrams from the 70's. Its amazing how current they look , but I suppose its the retro feel that's so popular now. I really love the colours used and they will definitely be appearing in my work in the future!
Well I hope you all have a lovely weekend..I am hoping to get some time to myself this weekend, to get creative without having to do Mum stuff at the same time. Also Sunday we are off to Winchester to have a wander round the vintage market so I may have some pics to show you next week as I always find some little treasure there I cant resist. 

Happy Weekend!!

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