Monday, 4 February 2013

This Weekends Find

Is it really Monday already??? These weekends just fly pass and before you know it you're back into the routine of the week again.

Saturday I was given a few hours to myself , while the little ones went off with Daddy on an adventure (well library and park!). I cracked on with a cupcake order I had. Then Saturday night was homemade pizza night, which involved chorizo stains and garlic bread crusts round the lounge while watching dodgy Saturday TV.
Yesterday we visited the vintage market in Winchester and I bought this gorgeous Murano apple. Its just so cheerful looking! I wasn't great at haggling for a cheaper price, I'm just not smart enough, that and the fact I had my girls hanging off me at the same time, but I love it and it looks great on my shelf. On the way home we popped into my sisters, who managed to make her Sunday dinner stretch to another 4 so we left there feeling full and content ready to snuggle down and watch Mr Selfridge.

As you can see not very rock n roll, but that's our life and we wouldn't have it any other way..well maybe a little ..on bad days!!

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  1. Wow what a lucky girl you are having such a lovely sister and brother in law! x