Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sisterly Love ...

Hello everyone, so I have managed to crawl out of the mass of Easter egg wrappers, mixed with 40th birthday wrapping paper and the general muddily mess of Easter school holidays and camping trips. Yes I did say camping trip!! We ventured out for our first trip in our lovely renovated caravan, dragging friends and family with us to celebrate my 40th in the freezing Baltic conditions we have all now grown sick of. My husband did an amazing job making our week away very special for my birthday and lots of friends and family surprised me by joining us camping or appearing in the local pub for a yummy birthday meal. 

We did all have a great time once we acclimatized to this very strange Spring weather and even managed to have breakfast outside one morning. Yes I do admit the kids hands were shaking with the cold as they were trying to spoon their cornflakes into their mouths, but they've got to harden up a bit if this is the way the weather in the country is going to be. 

So for my birthday I managed to get some gorgeous gifts that I have pictured below. The piece on the drift wood and the necklace was both created for me by my lovely sister. She is a talented silversmith producing beautiful one off pieces under the name Trinkets By Moonlight( The two little rabbits symbolise me and my sister and underneath is a piece of writing relating to sisters and how you never really age in each others eyes, but remain as children to each other. This is such a lovely thought and idea, I absolutely love it and can really feel the love and thought that has gone into it. The little necklace is beautiful too, shes a clever girl my sis.!!The paper cut was bought for me again by my sister (she loves me lots) from Emma Daniels ( Shes even managed to incorporate our backpacks from when we travelled the Greek Islands and The Tinkers sign from our childhood playhouse. 

As you can probably tell my sister and I are very close, I don't know what I would do without her! 


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  1. Hope you had a great Birthday Old sis! I am glad you liked what I made you, you were worth every cut, burn and silver stained hand that it took to make your sculpture! But every bit of cutting, solder or sanding was done with love! You are a great sister and I'm the lucky one!! Big love xx