Thursday, 18 April 2013

Car Boot Sale Season Begins....

So now that it's getting a little spring like the car boot season has begun again...yipee!!!. I do get a thrill out of picking up a little bargain to add to my collection. No doubt the little patterns on these finds or the colourways of the stripey duo will appear at some point in my designs. 

We are frantically trying to get the inside of our house up together so that come the weekends we can get out in the garden or away in our caravan. Also so my other half can get to work on my studio down the garden. I cant wait to have somewhere to put all my crafty and makey bits. Its actually my 40th birthday present from  my husband so I am very lucky. I am hoping that it will stop me being so distracted with the daily chores so I can become more productive come September when my youngest starts Pre-School. I do feel like I am always saying this , but I seem to have very little time to do much these days with lunchtime naps slowly disappearing ( for Willow, not me!) it means the only quiet time is at bedtime. 

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