Saturday, 27 July 2013

Slow down life..I wanna get off !!

Life's so super hectic all the time now I just don't seem to have enough hours to achieve all I want to achieve these days..or even have enough energy! Is it the weather ..or is it just cos I am now 40?? Who knows? Well after the whole Global Talent Contest , I decided to get back to my sewing machine while the judges deliberate. My first project has been this pic below. Yes it is a little different than what i usually do, but my lovely niece has really got into Harry Potter recently and requested a Hermoine Granger cloak for her 6th birthday. I looked at some of the ones you could buy, but the quality was pretty rubbish so I thought a handmade one would be better ..and of course its been made with lots and lots of love.

My next project is a couple more little sundresses for my eldest little girl. I've ordered some gorgeous fabric from Fabric Rehab, including some by Carolyn Gavin. I cant wait to use it..I'm even doing a surprise matching dress for my little girls favourite teddy so they will be matching.

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