Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Bournemouth Art Festival

So a little delayed, but I wanted to share a bit about my weekend. We nipped down to Bournemouth as they were having a little Art Festival there. It was a lovely sunny warm day, even back in our T-Shirts again (honestly this British weather is SO unpredictable isn't it?) Well in amongst the trees of the Winter Gardens, there was a great little vintage market put on by Boscombe Vintage Market. I managed to buy a vintage shirt dress pattern which I cant wait to knock up and was a bargain at £1.20!

Then down on the beach there were some Portaloos that had been decorated to make them look like other things. Like one was a tardis and another was a sea monster. ( unfortunately I didn't get photos of these oops)

Also down near the beach were giant metal sculptures on wheels that looked like dinosaurs and other scary looking creatures. We thought they wouldn't look out of place in the Mad Max films. They were constructed out of scrap metal and looked pretty amazing.

Next to this was a Vintage Mobile Cinema that was so cool, it would have been nice to go in a watch the movie they were showing, but the kids were desperate to hit the beach and have a bag of chips.

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