Thursday, 12 September 2013

What a weird day???

So today was really strange, it was my little girls first day at Pre School. So I had visions of me either staying there most of the day painting, playing shops and eventually making it home late afternoon smelling of play doh and lunch boxes. Or running backwards and forwards up to the Pre School to calm my little girl down. But in fact it was the complete opposite, she surprisingly went straight in, had a little paint and fiddle with the water before puckering up for a kiss and sending me on my way. I walked home on my own, no little warm hand in my hand, feeling completely lost and even a little unwanted.

So the whole of today has been really weird, I felt like I was waiting all day for the Pre School to call me , but they never did , and she managed to stay there all day and didn't seem to miss me much at all. It seems she has turned into an independent little lady and was obviously having far to much fun.

I did use some of the time productively though and managed to create the Tallulah Skirt, the newest addition to my Pixie Stitches collection. Available on my Pixie Stitches Facebook page.

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