Thursday, 13 February 2014

Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design Scholarship Competition.

Well I sent my entries off last night for the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design Scholarship competition..scary!! I really want to win a place on the course, think it would really help to get on that next stage. After a bit of harsh criticism from an agent I approached I could do with something amazing happening, but I must admit my confidence has been knocked a bit. It takes you right back to those days of Art School crits, which used to terrify me. But I suppose its all part and parcel of this business and helps in the long run to make you a better designer, she says wiping away a tear..ha ha !Well lets wait and see what happens.

Meanwhile I discovered these lovely illustrations in mine and my sisters old books from our childhoods. They really are fab, I especially love the lovely fine drawing of the first two, they're from an Enid Blyton book.

Right best get on half term next week so I wont have a minute to myself then!

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