Sunday, 9 February 2014

Inspiration Up In The Big Smoke.

Yesterday I had an amazing day!! Now I don't get many days off from being a Mummy, as much as I love it, we all need time out every now and again. So yesterday me and a friend escaped to London for the day. We managed to sit on the train drink coffee, eat Cadbury creme egg brownies for breakfast and chat all the way there without any little ones interrupting. That in itself was pure heaven.! Then when we got there we went straight to Liberty. I hadn't been in there for years, probably since I studied as Chelsea, so a good few years ago now. We spent nearly three hours in the store and I took so many pics. It was full of inspirational things from chocolate wrappers to unusual lampshades.The displays were wonderful as was the wallpaper used in each department.t I have featured some of the photos below. It was just so amazing in there! After a lunch of pizza and vino we hit Selfridges, walking under a rainbow to get in there     ( this was true as it was raining but freakishly really sunny at the same time). It was a little crazy in there with someone trying to squirt you with perfume on every corner. We had a good look round, spotted Nick Knowles, had an amazing blueberry cheesecake cupcake and then started to head back to Waterloo. Of course we had to prepare ourselves for the return to a house full of crazy kids with a sneaky G&T on the train, but it was a fab day. I really want to return again asap, I forgot how the vibe of London felt from my days of living there. There really is inspiration on every corner. London I'll be back soon!!

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