Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Treasure Trove Discovery

So yesterday afternoon my lovely sister and I escaped the crazy kids and husbands and venture off for a spot of me time, well us time really I suppose. We headed to Chesapeake Mill in a little village called Wickham, a few minutes drive from here.

Chesapeake Mill is an old mill with rooms and rooms of treasures recovered from house clearances , items that have been donated and just loads and loads of interesting bits and bobs ranging from furniture to vintage Liberty fabric. My eyes couldn't take it all in and you really need to have a good rummage there as its not displayed in any order, which I personally think makes it even more exciting, like you're rediscovering it yourself.There was a great deal of pattern on crockery, pieces of vintage fabric and even old biscuit tins.  I managed to restrain myself and came away with a cool 70's dress pattern with my fav, a peter pan collar, some gorgeous seersucker striped fabric, perfect for a nice sundress and a vintage smock top, its the ideal place for a mooch around on a Saturday afternoon.

1 comment:

  1. OHMIGAWSH! I would get so lost in such a place! Ohhhh my. Ohhhhhh myyyyyyyyy!!!

    I love all the images you've shared hered... the sheets, the fabrics. Lovely, absolutely lovely!