Thursday, 6 March 2014

Textures and Patterns

Morning lovely anyone else sat designing today with a hot water bottle on their lap?? Weird I know but I get so cold when I'm sat designing, guess its where I am not moving around much. Anyway I have just finished a lovey design I'm pretty chuffed with, I will reveal all when I finish the whole collection. In the meantime I wanted to share with you some lovely patterns and textures discovered while out and about last week at the lovely Moors Valley Country Park not that far from here. They've got some fab wood carvings and wooden animals and buildings for kids to run around. Its the perfect place to wear out these crazy kids!Talking of which we are going to be kid free Saturday so are escaping for a trip to Brighton for the day, I'm secretly a little bit excited about this. I really hope the sun is shining for having a mooch around all those unusual and quirky shops in The Lanes. Have a great weekend..its nearly here !!

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  1. I'm always designing with a hot water bottle on my lap! It's definitely because I'm not moving around, I can't focus when I'm cold =) hot water bottle and a hot coffee keep me going