Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Distraction of Gorgeous Fabric.

Hello, so the title of this post is the reason for my lack of posts lately ..I have been a bit addicted to my sewing machine and creating little tops for me and my girls......... and random cushions. 

Its true I do tend to get distracted by fabric, If I have bought a new piece I just cant wait to use it , I love the thrill of hanging it up in my little girls wardrobes when its a proper wearable piece of clothing. Then the first time they wear something I've made is amazing, I feel really proud ..of them and my clothe I've made. 

The stripey fabric was a cheeky purchase from Chesapeake Mill, that I mentioned in a previous post, then the little house fabric is a design by one of my favourites, Carolyn Gavin, bought through Fabric Rehab. They were so easy to make and hopefully when spring finally arrives properly we will get lots of wear out of them. 

The cushion I made out of an old jumper I had in that fab retro mustardy yellow. It looks great in our lounge but I am now on the search for another jumper to recycle. That was pretty simple to do too and lots cheaper . The prices of cushions is so silly considering how easy they are to make. 

Right back to my designing..now where did I out my pencils???

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