Monday, 9 March 2015

My New Dress

I love love love drawing , designing and playing around with colours, but another massive love of mine is sewing. I have recently been without my lovely sewing machine while it went off to rehab. It needed a good service and a few repairs. It's had a hard life my machine, it used to belong to my dear old Nan and she gave it to me to see me through my many years at Art College. So its not only a fab machine, but very sentimental to me. Its surprising how lost I felt without it.

But its back now , and works like a dream so I knocked myself up this little dress. The fabric is by Carolyn Gavin ( , who I am a massive fan of and I bought it through Fabric Rehab ( They provide a brilliant service and I have used them lots before. Check out their wonderful selection of fabric. 

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