Saturday, 11 April 2015

Lucy ...My New Bike

So we have a new member of the family..this is Lucy , named after my beloved old VW Beetle I used to own back in the day when I had what I thought was some kind of cool-ness. She's a birthday present from my husband and two girls. My lovely Jonny has spent hours locked away in his shed bringing this fab bike back to life. I've seen the 'before' pics and she was a pretty sad state.Now she is beautiful and shiny, and even has leather handle grips with tassels!

I have been looking at vintage bikes on line and who knew there was such a fashion that went with it?? Images of trendy girls cycling round cities in clothes coordinated with their bikes, and Liberty style printed cycle helmets, also in some pictures the girls had heels on ..I will not however be this glamorous or impractical. !

I really love her , the basket is just the right size for my laptop so I can ride off to a nice little cafe and do some work from there for a change. Obviously the route to the cafe needs to be without hills! So if you see someone riding on the pavement with her naff school run clothes on..that'll be me !

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